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Robotic Hysterectomy

If you find yourself preparing for a recommended hysterectomy, you may have questions. Is abdominal surgery the only option?

Perhaps not.


In addition to small incision and minimally invasive hysterectomies, you may have another option. Sometimes referred to as a “robotic hysterectomy,” this specialized procedure results in shorter hospital stays, less pain, less bleeding and less risk of infection.

Robot-Assisted Hysterectomy (Salt Lake City)

The term “robotic hysterectomy” may sound concerning to some patients. However, a robot is not actually performing the procedure independent of a surgeon. In fact, this procedure is better described as a robot-assisted hysterectomy. During the surgery, the gynecologist is present in the room and controls every movement of the robotic tools. This cutting-edge technology allows the surgeon to make very precise and small motions while working in smaller spaces. The technology actually gives surgeons more control than what is possible with the human hand.

How is this different from a small incision procedure?

The term “small incision hysterectomy” usually refers to laparoscopic hysterectomy. In this procedure, the surgeon makes three to four small incisions on the abdomen, through which the procedure is performed. Robot-assisted hysterectomy is very similar to small incision hysterectomy in that both procedures use several small points of entry. The robotic procedure, however, differs in that the ultra-precise robotic arms, controlled by the surgeon, has an essential role in completing the surgery once the incisions have been made; in laparoscopic surgery, the surgeon is making the incisions directly with his or her own hands.

Does the robot allow better visualization inside the body for the doctor?

The da Vinci Surgical System (the robotic technology used by the Salt Lake physicians at Rocky Mountain Women’s Health Center) offers excellent intraoperative visualization for the surgeon. While sitting at the surgical console, the surgeon has a highly magnified 3D view of the inside of the patient’s body – in real time.

Are you hospitalized overnight?

Whether the patient is hospitalized overnight or discharged the same day as the procedure depends on a number of factors. It is common for patients to stay one night in the hospital after their procedure. However, some patients are discharged the day of the procedure.

What female procedures, besides a hysterectomy, are done with a robot?

Surgeons can use the da Vinci Surgical System for a number of female-specific surgical procedures, including hysterectomy, endometriosis resection, myomectomy (the removal of fibroids), and pelvic prolapse surgery (sacrocolpopexy).

More About Robot-Assisted Hysterectomy

The procedure has many patient benefits. Having your hysterectomy done using the da Vinci system results in less scarring, less blood loss, and a faster recovery.

Talk to the doctors in Salt Lake City at Rocky Mountain Women’s Health Center about the da Vinci hysterectomy to learn if this option could be right for you. Our highly skilled and trained surgeons can discuss the benefits and risks associated with robot-assisted hysterectomy, allowing you to make an informed decision.

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