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Abnormal Bleeding

Did you know that 1 in 5 women suffer from heavy menstrual bleeding? Heavy Menstrual Bleeding (HMB) is actually a medical condition — it is NOT normal.

The National Institute of Health recommends talking to your healthcare provider if you have the following signs: needing to use double sanitary protection, periods that have been heavy or prolonged for 3 or more cycles, needing to change sanitary protection during the night, bleeding that includes large blood clots, and bleeding that interferes with your regular activities. So, if you’re tired of planning your social life around your menstrual cycle, there is a solution.

Once treated through hormone therapy, dilation & curettage (D & C) or a hysterectomy—there are now less invasive treatments available. An endometrial ablation is highly effective and can be performed on an outpatient basis. We offer two proven procedures that will minimize or end heavy menstrual bleeding:

  • The HTA® procedure relies on the circulation of heated saline which fills the uterine cavity. Use of a localized anesthetic is required. Learn more about the HTA procedure.
  • The Novasure® procedure delivers a measured electrical energy charge that removes the endometrial (uterus) lining but requires no incisions. Generally the entire process takes about five minutes and will require the use of a localized anesthetic. Learn more about the Novasure procedure.

Are you concerned that you may have a problem with abnormal bleeding? Take our quick online self-assessment and someone from our clinic will be in touch shortly.

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