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hormonal birth control

Stopping hormonal birth control might be right for you if you don’t like taking a pill every day, or you’re ready to get pregnant. Whatever the reason behind your decision, you should know what to expect when it’s time to make the transition so you aren’t surprised by any physical changes along the way. Below are the top five […] Read more

Pregnancy is a life-changing time filled with wonder and excitement. But you probably have countless questions. What foods should you avoid? Can you continue to exercise as you normally do? The list is endless! To answer the most common queries from the newly pregnant, we’ve compiled a list of four important things to keep you and your baby […] Read more

breastfeeding tips

Our breastfeeding tips can help you adjust when you’re planning to return to work after having a new baby. You’re probably still healing and adjusting to your new normal, but you may still want to commit to breastfeeding while you add work hours back into your schedule. To keep the transition smooth for you and your baby, use these eight breastfeeding tips to help navigate the […] Read more

Female Urinary Incontinence: You Don’t Have to Live with It

Female urinary incontinence is not a normal part of aging, no matter what you are led to believe. You don’t have to settle for the stress that comes from constantly having to think about your bladder everywhere you go. It’s a problem, but it usually has a solution. It starts with communicating with your doctor so […] Read more

urinary tract infection - drinking cranberry juice

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) affect 1 in 5 women at least once in their lives. Twenty percent of affected women get a second infection, 30 percent get a third and 80 percent of women who have at least three UTIs will have recurrences throughout their lives. UTIs are uncomfortable and can be persistent. One of the common home remedies for UTIs is drinking cranberry juice, or taking cranberry extract […] Read more



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