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Weight Gain During Pregnancy

pregnant woman eating
This tends to be a sensitive topic for most, if not all, expecting mothers. Each woman has different reasons for worrying about pregnancy weight gain; some about gaining too much, others not enough. Depending on lifestyle, body type and circumstances, every woman experiences pregnancy and pregnancy weight gain differently.

The idea that pregnant women are ‘eating for two’ is a myth. It is true, however, that you need to consume more calories per day than normal, but this does not mean you need to consume twice as many. A healthy average is about 150 extra calories in the first trimester. Eating junk food and sweets is an easy way to gain weight, but remember that your baby gets nutrients from the foods you choose to eat. Also remember that your body needs good, whole nutrition to provide enough energy to function through the day, pregnant or not. And seeing as how you expend an extraordinary amount of energy growing a human being, do yourself a favor and give your body the right nutrition so you can keep that baby growing!

The Guidelines for Pregnancy Weight Gain:

– If your pre-pregnancy weight is in the average range for your height, you should gain about 25 to 35 pounds.

– If you are underweight for your height, you should gain about 28 to 40 pounds.

– If you are overweight for your height, you should gain about 15 to 25 pounds.

– If you are having twins, you should gain about 37 to 54 pounds, assuming your pre-pregnancy weight was average.

Being overweight or underweight during pregnancy can affect your unborn child and cause various health problems in the long run. Mothers who are overweight increase the risk for their children to have childhood obesity, chronic conditions such as heart disease or diabetes, and birth defects like brain, heart or spinal chord issues. Underweight mothers are at risk of having premature or underweight babies, which come with its own set of health risks.


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