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Pregnant? Take Care of These Tasks Right Away. 

Pregnancy is a life-changing time filled with wonder and excitement. But you probably have countless questions. What foods should you avoid? Can you continue to exercise as you normally do? The list is endless!

do's during pregnancy

To answer the most common queries from the newly pregnant, we’ve compiled a list of four important things to keep you and your baby healthy.

The Essential Do’s

You hear a lot about what you shouldn’t do during pregnancy, but here are things you should do when you find out you’re expecting:

Go to the Dentist

The older way of thinking assumed dentist offices weren’t a great place to be for expectant mothers. It was thought that drilling and/or cleaning teeth could spread bacteria that could harm the fetus.

Today, we know that getting your teeth cleaned regularly is essential during pregnancy. Save the whitening procedures for later, but make sure you are taking care of your oral health throughout pregnancy.

Get a Flu Shot

A flu shot is essential to protect both you and your unborn baby from this virus, which can be much more serious in expectant mothers. Also, did you know that getting a flu shot while pregnant will protect your baby for up to six months after they are born?

You are proactively helping them ward off this virus at one of the most vulnerable times of their lives. It’s highly recommended by your doctor!

Gain Weight, the Smart Way

Traditionally, pregnancy is thought of as a time when the mother-to-be gets to eat everything she craves and gain weight without worry!

While it’s true that it is healthy to gain weight at this time, it’s wise to do it smartly. Eat whole foods within a balanced diet. Stay away from processed foods and continue eating three square meals a day, supplementing with healthy snacks in between. You want to make sure you and baby are getting the right nutrients!


You shouldn’t put exercise on pause for 40 weeks —continue exercising as long as you are physically able and the doctor says it’s OK. Exercise may take a different form as the fetus grows, but as long as you focus on breathing, you can continue with light cardio and weights.

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Are you newly pregnant and looking for a compassionate, caring obstetrics professional to guide your pregnancy, labor and delivery? Visit us at Rocky Mountain Women’s Health Center, and see if we’re a good fit for you! We are fully dedicated to helping expectant mothers stay healthy and happy throughout pregnancy.


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