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Expecting mothers need the protection that comes from vaccines just like everyone else, maybe even more so, but certain types aren’t recommended during pregnancy. There are three types of vaccines: those made from a live virus, a dead virus or toxoids. Pregnant women can safely receive dead virus and toxoid vaccines, but there is a […] Read more

Uterus Transplant

The first uterus transplant, completed in the United States Feb. 24, 2016, gives hope that the procedure could eventually be a viable solution for women suffering from infertility. Surgeons at the Cleveland Clinic placed the healthy uterus of a recently deceased donor inside the 26-year-old recipient in a nine-hour procedure. Unfortunately, two weeks after the […] Read more

Postpartum Depression

Postpartum depression isn’t rare — estimates show that between 11 and 20 percent of American women will experience postpartum depression after a live birth. That approximation is conservative, since it is based solely on the number of women who voluntarily report their symptoms. A major stigma is still tied to depression, and this may lead […] Read more

Ultrasounds: What to Expect


Ultrasounds are diagnostic tools using high-frequency sound waves to develop an image of internal organs, but they are most commonly used as a way to assess fetal growth and development throughout pregnancy. Ultrasounds provide medical professionals and pregnant mothers alike with important information that helps mold the provider’s care plan for both the mother and […] Read more

Genetic Counseling

Genetic counseling is a service offered by proficient, educated medical professionals who examine a patient’s genetic history and test results to determine the chances their child may be affected by a genetically inherited condition. The counselor helps patients understand the genetic research and informs them about their testing and treatment options. Who Should Receive Genetic […] Read more



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