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Hysterectomy Surgery Options: Small Incision and Minimally Invasive

More than half a million hysterectomies are performed every year in the United States, making it the second most common surgical procedure for women. The only surgical procedure that’s more common for women is cesarean section.

hysterectomy surgery

Even though hysterectomy surgeries are common, that doesn’t mean you feel more at ease.

This time it’s different. This time it’s you.

Surgical Choices

If your physician has told you that a hysterectomy is your only (or best) option for treating your condition, then you want to make sure you get the best possible surgery you can.

After all, most patients don’t want the typical scar and down time of recovering from a traditional, abdominal hysterectomy. The good news is… you don’t have to go that route.

These days, there are a few more options for your hysterectomy, including small incision (laparoscopic) hysterectomy and minimally invasive (vaginal) hysterectomy.

What is a laparoscopic hysterectomy?

In this procedure, the surgeon makes three or four keyhole incisions on the abdomen. The surgical tools (including a small camera) are inserted through these tiny incisions. The uterus is removed, as well as other reproductive parts, depending on the type of hysterectomy. The laparoscopic approach has some very clear patient benefits: less scarring, faster recovery, reduced risk of infection, and shorter hospital stay. Read more about laparoscopic hysterectomies here.

What is a vaginal hysterectomy?

During this surgery, a small incision is made inside the vagina, and the uterus is removed through the incision. With this approach, there is no visible scarring on the body. This procedure may not be an option if the uterus is enlarged. Read more about vaginal hysterectomies here.

Your Hysterectomy Options In Salt Lake City

While abdominal hysterectomies are still common, new alternatives may be available to you, including robotic hysterectomy. If you live in or near Salt Lake City, consult with one of the specially trained surgical gynecologists at Rocky Mountain Women’s Health Center to discuss your specific situation and needs.


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