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Menstrual Cycle

primary ovarian insufficiency

Primary ovarian insufficiency is a condition in which a woman’s ovaries do not function normally, resulting in irregular periods and low fertility. It affects women under age 40, beginning as early as the teen years. Normally, women begin experiencing irregular periods and reduced fertility around age 40, but primary ovarian insufficiency (POI), also called premature […] Read more

abnormal uterine bleeding utah

Abnormal uterine bleeding can cause emotional and physical stress. A menstrual flow that occurs every 21 to 35 days is considered normal. If you are bleeding outside of that time frame, your flow is considered abnormal. If you are bleeding within that time frame but soaking more than one pad every hour for several consecutive […] Read more

Menopause Sexuality

Menopause is the stage of life when a woman’s ovaries stop producing estrogen and progesterone, causing menstruation and the ability to reproduce to cease. Working through the phases of menopause can be challenging, because it affects nearly every aspect of a woman’s life, including her sexuality. How Does Menopause Affect a Woman’s Sex Drive? In […] Read more

From about the age of 12-51, your period comes every month as a sign that your reproductive system is working and ready for childbirth – long before and after most women in Western society are thinking about having babies. It is important to understand what constitutes a normal period make sure that the body is […] Read more

A gynecologist evaluates patients’ symptoms and recommends treatment options for irregular periods. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), thyroid conditions, birth control methods, stress and other conditions related to the reproductive system may cause irregular periods. Medical intervention or treatment is possible. Treatment may be especially important if you are trying to become pregnant.  Conditions Causing Irregular […] Read more



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