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Female Hormone Imbalance: Causes and Treatments

Hormones are essential to your overall wellbeing. They relay chemical messages throughout the body, helping to keep your emotions and body systems in check. One of the key body systems affected by the balance of the hormones in your body is the reproductive system. A female hormonal imbalance could cause heavy periods, infertility, and endometriosis. (Imbalances can affect other body systems, as well.)


What Causes Hormonal Imbalance?

An imbalance in hormones can be caused by unusually high stress, insufficient sleep, an unhealthy diet, diabetes, menopause, pregnancy, thyroid problems, and other conditions. The body has a very delicate chemistry. Changes in that chemistry can quickly produce noticeable symptoms and other health problems.

Help for Hormonal Imbalance Near You

While a hormone imbalance is a frustrating and difficult experience, there is help. Various treatments, including natural therapies, medication and lifestyle changes, may be successful in addressing hormonal imbalances.

Perhaps the most common medical treatment of hormonal imbalance is the prescription of bioidentical or synthetic hormones. This is known as hormone replacement therapy.

• Bioidentical hormones (which can include estrogen, progesterone, DHEA, and testosterone) are derived from a natural substance.

• Synthetic hormones are created to mimic the effects of natural hormones.

Both types of hormone replacement therapy can be very effective at restoring balance and resolving symptoms. Ask your provider for more details. Also, your provider at Rocky Mountain Women’s Health Center may provide you with specific lifestyle changes and guidelines that can help naturally restore hormonal imbalance.

Have Questions About Treating Hormone Imbalance?

If you are concerned that you may be experiencing symptoms of hormonal imbalance, please contact the gynecologists at Rocky Mountain Women’s Health Center. Treatment may be available to you at one of our OB/GYN offices throughout the Wasatch Front, including locations in Salt Lake City, Layton, and West Valley City.


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