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Family Planning

hormonal birth control

Stopping hormonal birth control might be right for you if you don’t like taking a pill every day, or you’re ready to get pregnant. Whatever the reason behind your decision, you should know what to expect when it’s time to make the transition so you aren’t surprised by any physical changes along the way. Below are the top five […] Read more

tubal ligation

Tubal ligation is a permanent surgical birth control procedure commonly known as “tying the tubes.” Although it is possible to reverse the procedure, this involves major surgery, and you still may not achieve pregnancy afterward, so only consider tubal ligation when you are 100 percent sure your child-bearing days are over. What Does the Procedure […] Read more

fertility drugs

Fertility drugs can be a successful option for women who encounter difficulty conceiving. They are usually one of the first options doctors recommend for women as the initial stage in a comprehensive infertility treatment plan. How Do Fertility Drugs Help? Different fertility drugs help boost a woman’s chances of pregnancy three ways. Some drugs help […] Read more

Genetic Counseling

Genetic counseling is a service offered by proficient, educated medical professionals who examine a patient’s genetic history and test results to determine the chances their child may be affected by a genetically inherited condition. The counselor helps patients understand the genetic research and informs them about their testing and treatment options. Who Should Receive Genetic […] Read more

birth control

Aside from abstinence, using a contraceptive is the most effective way to reduce the chance of pregnancy. No method is foolproof, and most have side effects of some type, but by working with your doctor you should be able to find one that works for you. Mainly used for family planning, contraception can also help […] Read more



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