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breastfeeding tips

Our breastfeeding tips can help you adjust when you’re planning to return to work after having a new baby. You’re probably still healing and adjusting to your new normal, but you may still want to commit to breastfeeding while you add work hours back into your schedule. To keep the transition smooth for you and your baby, use these eight breastfeeding tips to help navigate the […] Read more

mammogram facts

A mammogram is an X-ray of breast tissue that can diagnose breast cancer much earlier than a physical exam. Mammograms give doctors a close-up look of your breast tissue, allowing them to check for abnormalities. Combined with a clinical breast exam, a mammogram is your best chance of detecting breast cancer in its earliest stages. […] Read more

Breast Lump Examination

Finding a breast lump through self-examination or from a screening can be a frightening experience. While 80% of lumps are harmless, you still need to make an appointment with your doctor for further evaluation lest you be among the 20% who have cancer or other abnormalities. Early detection will ease your mind and potentially save […] Read more

Research shows early detection of breast cancer improves the survival rate. Women are often reminded to do an at-home breast exam every month, but these exams tend to only find larger masses that are potentially cancerous. Mammograms, on the other hand, can find small indications through x-ray that cancer is present, allowing the disease to […] Read more

How Mammograms Save Lives


Medical professionals agree that mammograms save lives, while disagreeing about the timing and scheduling. At the present, there is no test that effectively replaces it as a screening tool for breast cancer, a disease that strikes many women without a clear cause. One in every eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their […] Read more



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