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8 Breastfeeding Tips for After You Return to Work

Our breastfeeding tips can help you adjust when you’re planning to return to work after having a new baby. You’re probably still healing and adjusting to your new normal, but you may still want to commit to breastfeeding while you add work hours back into your schedule.

breastfeeding tips

To keep the transition smooth for you and your baby, use these eight breastfeeding tips to help navigate the process:

Find a Pump That Works Efficiently and Comfortably for You

The quality of your pump can directly affect your quality of life as a working, breastfeeding mother. Get a pump that’s efficient. Before you buy, find out: Is it easy to use? Are you comfortable using it?

Use your breast pump for at least a few weeks before you return to work so that you are not struggling with it at the same time you’re navigating your transition.

Know Your Rights

Your employer is required by law to offer you a space to pump and the time you need to do it throughout the day. Make sure you know your rights so you can explain to management what you need if it becomes necessary.

Communicate with Your Employer

Make sure your employer knows that you plan on breastfeeding and alert human resources if you are not getting the support you need.

Communicate with Your Child Care Worker

Make sure you select a supportive child care provider who will follow your feeding schedule and do everything possible to further your breastfeeding effort, including storing milk properly.

Find a Support Group

Sometimes the biggest help is to hear from other mothers who are going through (or have experienced) similar situations. A support group can provide ideas and information.

Prepare for an Increase in Night Feedings

Sometimes, nursing mothers find that their babies increase the number of times they feed at night once the mother returns to work during the day. Mentally prepare for more feedings as your baby adjusts to this schedule.

Use Weekends to Build up Your Supply

Make sure you feed on demand when you are home with your baby, especially on the weekend. This gives you the opportunity to build up your milk supply for the week ahead.

Make Time to Connect

One of the biggest breastfeeding tips is to remember that breastfeeding is about more than nourishment. It’s also a way for mothers to provide (and receive) emotional support. Make time to bond with your baby whenever you are together to achieve closeness.

When You Need Support

Let Rocky Mountain Women’s Health Center know if you need breastfeeding tips and further support. Our team is always ready to offer advice and guidance for new mothers who are working to successfully balance work and home life.


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